"errors": [
      "id": "21bd9ca2-8442-41a1-8845-6d8ba266e282",
      "title": "short description of the problem",
      "code": "E11",
      "detail": "human-readable explanation specific to this occurrence of the problem",
      "meta": {
        "key": "extra data value if applicable"

Any response can contain errors. The errors property is an array of error objects, so there can be multiple errors returned. Each object has the following:

  • code is an application-specific error code. This can be used by consumers to decide how to deal with certain types of errors, etc. The possible codes are listed below.
  • id is a reference for this exact instance of the error, which can help with debugging. If you’re contacting us at with a problem, please give it.
  • title is a short, human-readable summary of the problem.
  • detail is a human-readable explanation specific to this occurrence of the problem.


The following are the error codes used in the API responses for different scenarios. This code can be matched against programmatically to handle different scenarios, do not rely on the detail as this could be changed or translated in the future while the codes will remain the same.

General request errors

  • E1 - Unauthorized, invalid or no authentication given
  • E2 - Logged in but lack the permission to perform an action
  • E3 - Not found
  • E4 - Bad request
  • E5 - Internal server error
  • E6 - CRM not enabled on installation
  • E7 - CRM enabled, but not setup on installation
  • E8 - User doesn’t have access to CRM
  • E9 - Subscription ended
  • E10 - Trial expired
  • E11 - Subscription payment failed
  • E12 - Payment required

Validation errors

  • V1 - Attribute validation errors
  • V2 - Relationship validation errors

Unsupported operations

  • U1 - Pipeline stages add
  • U2 - Pipeline stages update
  • U3 - Stage deals update
  • U4 - Unsupported file target type

Duplication errors

  • D1 - Generic duplicate key constraint
  • D2 - Duplicated assignee entry
  • D3 - Duplicated contacts entry
  • D4 - Duplicated email address
  • D5 - Duplicated phone number
  • D6 - Duplicated product
  • D7 - Duplicated product price
  • D8 - Duplicated custom filter name
  • D9 - Duplicated product name
  • D10 - Duplicated pipeline name
  • D11 - Duplicated contact main email address
  • D12 - Duplicated company name
  • D13 - Duplicated foreign item
  • D14 - Duplicated activity type name
  • D15 - Duplicated activity type color
  • D16 - Duplicated activity type icon
  • D17 - Duplicated custom field name with kind

Conflict errors

  • C1 - Contact has been listed as a main contact for another deals
  • C2 - Ativity type limit reached
  • C4 - Unknown custom field used in custom filter
  • C5 - User with email already exits
  • C6 - User with email already exits deprecated
  • C7 - User not invited
  • C8 - The entity or entities trying to be created already exists.

Unknown errors

  • ?1_$column - Unknown column, $column will be replaced with the column that was unknown
  • ?2 - Unknown custom field
  • ?3 - Unknown tempId on file upload
  • ?4 - Unknown custom filterId

Limit errors

  • L1 - Custom field limit reached
  • L2 - There is already a maximum of 3 exports running

Billing errors

  • B1 - Billing error occurred during request, check detail for explanation


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