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Post data using Incoming Hooks

Web Hook

Make a HTTP POST request to the Web Hook URL associated with the Incoming Hook, using JSON for the message body:

curl -v <> -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"body": "Hello World!"}'

The URL that you’re making the POST request to should be the same URL you generated in the previous step in Teamwork Chat.

Once you have sent that, you’re all set! When you check the channel you selected the Incoming Hook to go to, you’ll see the message there:

Email Hook

Sending data via email is easy, simply send an email to the email Hook address from the previous step.


  • The email subject is ignored and the body of the email is used for the message content.
  • The email message type should be plain.
  • Attachments in the body are ignored.

Using a simple example here, you can see how the mejust type out a sample email and send it to the email address in the hook details:

It will display in Teamwork Chat like this:

It’s that easy!

For more info, please check our helpdocs here.


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