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Teamwork API V2

Welcome to our V2 of the Teamwork API.

You’ll find the API endpoints on the left sidebar.

V1 endpoints here.

V3 endpoints here.

All guides and documentation can be found in our documentation section.

Please note:

Teamwork API V1 is our legacy API which has evolved over time but unfortunately has some inconsistent patterns.

In parallel to V1, we developed API V2 primarily to power our new web app, at the time codenamed TKO. It also supported an improved caching system under the hood and a clearer approach to parameter naming. We use V2 heavily internally for our own inter-product integrations.

V3 is a fresh approach from the ground up to implement a standards-first, cross-product API specification that will ensure consistent input&output formats across all of our products.

It provides support for sparse fields, sideloading of related entities, standardised input&output parameters and much more.

We highly recommend using V3 compliant endpoints where possible and we’ll be doing our best to convert all our API infrastructure to V3 over the year ahead.

We will maintain support for our older format endpoints where possible and provided a long lead in time where any are to be deprecated.


If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to contact us at