Your URL can be found in the settings of your Teamwork site. If you navigate to the settings tab on the top right corner of your site and click on general. Your main project settings will appear you will see your URL there under ‘Site Address’. You use this when pinging the API.

For example, when you are getting all tasks for a project, you will use https://yoursite.teamwork.com/projects/{projectid}/tasks.json. If you are an EU customer your site url will look like https://yoursite.eu.teamwork.com/projects/{projectid}/tasks.json.

Your API token can be found by logging into your Teamwork account, clicking your avatar in the top right and choosing Edit my details. On the API tab of the dialog click the “Show your token” at the bottom (under “API Authentication tokens”).


If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to contact us at api@teamwork.com.