Getting Started with Teamwork

First things first, you will need your API key and your site URL to start using the API. Follow the steps here to get those.

Once you have the details above, you will need to get authenticated. Here is an overview of the authentication call. There is a link here to the reference docs to help you out.

Once your authenticated your all set! You can send requests to the API now. You can send GET/POST/PUT/DELETE calls.

For example, you can get all tasks across all projects. With GET requests, you will get a status 200 back along with the objects you requested. Take a look here.

A simple example of a POST to use as reference would be creating a task. Take a look here and this will show you a simple POST request. You can see the url, the post call, and the body parameters to be passed in. Usually if your missing a required parameter it will let you know, so just test out your data request to get it right. For POST requests, you should receive a status 201.


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