Files - Uploading

To attach files to a project you first need to upload the file and receive a pendingFileRef. You can then use the pendingFileRef to attach the file to a message or directly to the files page of the project.

Step 1. Upload the file

POST /pendingfiles.json

Send your file to POST /pendingfiles.json using the FORM field file.

You will still need to authenticate yourself by passing your API token.

If the upload is successful, you will get back something like:

    "pendingFile": {
        "ref": "tf_F61F7DB6"

Step 2: Use the reference handle in your API calls

Simply use the file handle in the ref field when making the add file or add message API Calls.

The file handle looks something like tf_F61F7DF3F5B4C5B6 and is sent to the messages or files API calls as pendingFileRef.


As soon as you link the file to the project by making an API call, then Pending-File Handle is no longer valid. 

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